Private Wine Tasting Events

From fundraisers to birthdays to dinner parties, wine tasting brings everyone together.

Private wine tasting events

Wine tasting for dinner parties

Wow your guests with a truly unique dinner party that gets everyone talking and an experience they’ll never forget. Our wine tastings are both educational and entertaining and we can design the experience around you by entertaining pre-dinner or matching wines to your menu.

Wine tasting for birthdays or anniversaries

Celebrate in style and get everyone involved. Our wine tastings are informal but informative and make a lasting impression and the perfect way to mark a special occasion.

Wine tasting for fundraisers

Bring everyone together and create a talking point with an amazing wine tasting experience.


What kind of wine do you like?

Whatever you fancy, I’ll tailor the event to suit your number of people, space and the vibe you want to achieve. I can put together a tasting based around your desert-island wines, or if you are the intrepid type, we can try an evening of tasting wine of unusual origins. 


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