Private and Corporate Wine Tasting Events in Yorkshire

Any occasion + wine + fun

Wine and laughter have a funny way of bringing the room together. So whether you are planning a staff party, client entertainment, a dinner party, a hen weekend or celebrating a special date, a wine tasting is the magic recipe for an entertaining group activity.

The Drink Talking private and corporate wine tasting events             

Whatever you fancy, I’ll tailor the event to suit your number of people, space and the vibe you want. I can put together a tasting based around your desert-island wines, or if you are the intrepid type we can try an evening of tasting wine of unusual origins.   Brought to you at your office, home, favourite place or one of my special locations in and around Bradford, Leeds or Harrogate.


Rothschild Bank  "On behalf of everyone at Rothschild Bank in Guernsey who attended the wine tasting last week, a big thank you for making it such a fun and enjoyable evening...your knowledge, wit and enthusiasm made it even more special. I think we all walked away with a better understanding of the ‘terroir’ left and right of the riverbank in Bordeaux..."
Freeway Recruitment  “Sophia the host & presenter is the best public speaker/presenter I have witnessed in many years.”    
Minister of Agriculture, Honourable Keith Colwell  “It was easy to see that with your positive personality and enthusiasm, the (weekly) event will be sure to impress and educate guests all summer.”
Maritime Travel  “I was one of your many fans this past weekend at your tasting.  It was my best 1.5 hours of the weekend”
Eric, Wine Ninja event guest “The day was educative, enlightening and most of all entertaining, I cannot envisage how anyone could have bettered your performance…I am certain that everyone else felt the same way and the only disappointment was that the tasting had to come to an end.


 The Drink Talking private and corporate wine tasting Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate