Covid-19: Are live wine tasting events taking place?

Currently all tasting events are online, however there are plans to return to live events again. Please enquire with me if you're interested in booking a live private wine tasting

How do private online wine tastings work?

There are two formats - 


BYO tastings - after choosing a theme, I'll send you a list of wines to purchase (these will be easily accessible for everyone!)

You get wines and my time is a flat rate fee for any group size.You will be sent a link and password to a private Zoom tasting.


Wine and cheese delivered to your door. You choose a theme and I'll sort out the rest. Delivery can be made for any group size. 

Wine delivery packages include 3 bottles of quality wine and start at £40 per head including delivery + a flat rate presenter's fee for my time. 

You will be sent a link and password to a private Zoom tasting

Do I pay for the delivery of my wine and cheese?

For all online events, postage has been included in the price.

Do I need to print off my ticket to come to an event? 

Nope! I have all the details I need online so you just need to bring yourself and thirst for wine and knowledge! 

Should I eat before coming to a wine tasting?

I'd recommend it. Most wine tasting including some cheese, but not enough to line the stomach and look after your tolerance!