Wine lover - Are you an acid junkie?

Wine lover - Are you an acid junkie?

Do this 3 second wine quiz to find out more about your style of wine!

The ACID test 🍋
Understanding your personal preference for acid levels in your wine is key to working out what wines please you (and which to avoid)


Which group of wines is more appealing to you?

A. Champagne, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Chablis, Pinot Noir

B. Prosecco, Argentinian Malbec, Australian Shriaz, Chilean Merlot, Californian Chardonnay

Sounds like you're an acid junkie. You tend to love wines with a karate kick of mouth watering freshness, a lip puckerer, a salivater, a juicy, zesty slap in the teeth. 

Look out for wines coming from cooler grape growing regions. That's right, you're a real cool customer.

✨ OTHER WINES TO LOOK OUT FOR ✨Dry German Rieslings, Spanish Albarinos, Italian Gavi Di Gavi, Beaujolais

You are one smooth operator
You dig those wines that glide over your tongue and leave a smooth warmth on your palate - like a hug from John Candy or Santa. Wines that feel round, soft and full bodied are your bag 🍇

You like it hot, warm grape growing regions create those smooth, low acid wines for you

✨OTHER WINES TO LOOK OUT FOR ✨ South African Pinotage, Californian Zinfandels, Italian Primitivos, Chilean Carmenere

That’s great! Sounds like you swing both ways. Groovy ;)