Why your nose is Sherlock Holmes

Why your nose is Sherlock Holmes

When it comes to wine, think of your nose as Sherlock Holmes. Your mouth is Watson, it can detect some clues and isn’t bad at the overall picture. But Holmes... he’s another incredible level.

Your nose hones in on aromas that tell you so much detail: are you smelling fresh fruit or jammy fruit? This will give you a clue to the climate the grapes are coming from. Whiff of coconut and vanilla? This wine has spent time in oak barrels; most probably American oak judging by the coconut. Is that cat pee you’re smelling? It must be Sauvignon Blanc! An unmistakable aroma of Ribena black current in the glass? Ah, probably Mr Cabernet Sauvignon.

Don’t worry if at first you just smell ‘wine’. You’ll get better! Use a wine aroma wheel like the one below to help you (just google it and you'll find a cajillion). Smelling is another muscle you exercise, you’ll be impressed with your own ability.

wine aroma wheel to help you taste wine

So with every wine you taste, let your nose spend time alone time with the wine without mouth getting involved. Bring out the Sherlock.