What is Hermitage wine?

What is Hermitage wine?

Sophia luckett with Paul Jaboulet Aine La Chapelle 1996
There are 3 French vineyards that are considered to be the most magnifique in the world: Château Lafite in Bordeaux, Romanée-Conti in Burgundy and the hill of Hermitage in the northern Rhône. The two former demand thousands 💴 per bottle (and that’s just the young babes), whereas a wizened and aged bottle of Hermitage can be yours for £100. It’s a dusty, brilliant diamond 💎 with a rhinestone price tag. Is it the best value jewel out there? I think so. Pleasure beyond its price.

Have you ever tried one? Until recently, I hadn’t. But I was lucky enough to be gifted a bottle of Paul Jaboulet Aine La Chapelle 1996. Joy to the world! 🙌

>>> It was one of the best wines I’ve ever tasted <<<

What is Hermitage?

Hermitage is a tiny, steep hill in Northern Rhone and the birthplace of Syrah (aka Shiraz). Although, a small portion of whites are produced here too. These red wines are black as blood 🖤, complex and bold. To let the spikey tannins turn to fine dust and the porcupine acid become a fresh, playful bounce in the mouthfeel, the reds are usually aged for a 🕰 decade minimum before opening. But worth the wait: layered flavours of blackberry, black currant, licorice, coffee, candied cherry, leather and smoke 👌🏽

The name is said to derive from a hermit who, according to legend, cultivated the vine on the hill in the Middle Ages. A goody will set you back £100 +

What is Crozes-Hermitage?

Because of their namesake, the two regions are often confused. Crozes-Hermitage is a much larger area mainly from the flatter plains surrounding the Hermitage hill and produces 10 times the amount of wines. Syrah, also, is the only permitted red grape variety. As the vineyards are on the less advantageous flatter areas, the wines are less jammy and complex than Hermitage. But if you love red wines with herbaceous, spicy and earthy sense of character, you will love these. And they often still punch well above their weight in price point on average about £15-£20

A cajillion thank yous to Peter & Marie for this wine. It was well and truly, inscrutably, the #goodstuff