Mis en bouteille - what's it mean?

Mis en bouteille - what's it mean?

If you spot 'mis en bouteille au château' or ' mis en bouteille à la propriété' on a French wine label or cork, this tells you the wine has been made and bottled by the producer.

This isn’t always normal; often grapes are bought from a collection of growers all over the region and then taken to a warehouse to be bottled and labelled. The latter will be labelled as 'mis en bouteille dans la région de production' That's not to say you can't find dee-lish wines labelled as this - you can. But the former just lets you know the wine has been less transported around and messed with than others out there.


Or here's another way of using it in conversation...

According to the Urban Dictionary, the term Mis en bouteille (Meez on Bootay) is 'a date of the ut-most intense pleasure with one’s companion that is described as fine as wine' e.g. A friend may ask, “ What are your plans for tonight?" The response could be: Mis En Bouteille or I have a date with a lady who is Mis En Bouteille." 🍑


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