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Keep your wine glasses in perfect nick

Hello, sparkly-glass police here

Top tip: when cleaning glasses in a dishwasher, never use detergent. 

All you need is a short wash and plenty of rinse aid. The hot water will remove all the smudges and finger prints, and the rinse aid makes them dry without streaks.

The detergent is the shine assassin : it makes the glass cloudy and – the supreme worst – squeaky (do you know what I mean? When you hold them and they squeak like dead violins under your fingertips  )

And wash them alone. No plates, cutlery, mugs sneaking in there with them; they’ll only make your wine smell like last night’s dinner. You’re probably not like me and washing 300 glasses at a time, but even so, save up your water glasses and vases to put in there with them and sometimes you can get a decent load.

If you’re a handwasher, hot water and vinegar is all you need. And never wash up tipsy – how many favourites have you smashed this way?

That’s all from me – the perfect glass lass.