How to find a good bottle of Cava

How to find a good bottle of Cava

How do you buy a good bottle of Cava? Super duper handy information right here 
There's a nifty colour coding on the foil caps to help you know what's going on inside the bottle.
The circular label over the foil cap is called a ‘marchamo’ - this shows the aging period. The longer the Cava is aged the toastier, creamier and richer it is.
The producers are also more likely to use their better grapes for longer aging so they have enough gusto to age well.

Cava is the traditional method sparkling wine from Spain - made just like Champagne but often for a waaaay friendlier price. If you're not already on Cava love train - then get on board! Some of my fave examples come from Agusti Torello Mata available from

Cava foil top colour coding meaning

So here’s the key to the foil top code


With a minimum of 9 months aging, this is the youngest of the Cavas.

CAVA DE GUARDA SUPERIOR - Green, black and gold

🟢 Green
Minimum 18 months aging. Green marchamo, with C (for Cava) and “Reserva”

⚫️ Black
Minimum 30 months aging. Black marchamo with C (for Cava) and “Gran Reserva”.

🔶 Gold
Minimum 36 months aging. Gold marchamo in rhomboid shape, with P (for Paraje) and “Cava de Paraje Calificado”*

*Cava de Paraje Calificado means is a single vineyard Cava. Vines must be min 10 yrs old and lower yields. You can kind of compare it to ‘premier Cru’ or ‘Grand Cru’ in France. In other words - it’s the biz