Bag in a box wine - is it any good?

Bag in a box wine - is it any good?

How do you feel 'Cardbordeaux'? AKA Boxed wine 

Or a magnum sized wine-in-a-bag: The Bagnum? 

Once upon a time in university it was pretty standard fare. But have you dabbled since then?

The last 5 years have shown an amazing rise in quality available in these vessels.

Why you need to get involved

1. There's brill producers using boxes now!
Loads of quality wine makers are all about the BiBs (Bag in Box). Check out Vin Naturo available from Wayward Wines for any Leeds based people; Terre di Faiano Puglia wine found at Waitrose; the Hungarian dry Furmit from Bib Wine. Do you have any you recommend? Let me know!

2. Your wine lasts longer
Getting oxygen into your wine glass will breathe life into the beauty. But if your wine is exposed to oxygen for a few days it is also the lethal killer that strips the fruit and adds a puckering splash of vinegar to the taste.
BiB wine will protect the wine using snazzy vacuum-like taps and collapsible bags. You can get a good month out of these kind givers 

3. Let's have one glass
It means you can just have a little tipple every now and then rather than feeling obliged to finish the bottle 

4. Green machine!
Less energy is used to produce a box than a bottle, making it cheaper too. Alongside the hefty weight involved in shipping 75cl glass bottle of wine, the box offers a eco friendlier alternative. 

5. Less cost on package = more spent on wine
Because the packaging is so inexpensive, it’s nice to know the queen heads you spend go more towards the wine than the cost of its clothes. 💴

I'm yet to find a super premium bag wine - does anyone know of one? But there's brilliant, fun wines out there worth exploring.