Wine tasting online events UK
Wine and cheese tasting online events UK
Wine tasting online events UK
Wine tasting online events UK
Wine tasting online events UK

Online wine and cheese tasting: Roman Holiday - 02/10/20 (serves 2)



serves 2

WITH Sophia Luckett

WHEN 8pm Friday 2nd October 2020

WHAT 3 wines & 3 cheeses sent to your door

WHERE Online! Tasting via Zoom (download the free APP here)


Italy definitely knows how to do wine and cheese. This is an epicurean’s perfect evening!

Wine tasting online events UK

How well do you know your Italian wine? Italy makes the most wine in the world; it has a whole whack of indigenous grape varieties to explore as well as boasting a range of climates from North to South, so produces a whole pic’-n-mix of styles of wine.

In short: it’s is exciting. It’s like the Spice Girls.

So join me for this super exciting online Italian wine and cheese tasting. Three incredible Italian wines from sparkling to crisp whites to its famous full bodied voluptuous reds perfectly paired up with three mouth-watering cheeses. What are they going to be? It’s a surprise! But I can tell you that everything will be a fantastic example of its kind and be sure to delight you.

Wine tasting online events UK

Learn the regions (The DOCs) and the grape varieties through taste! Turn yourself into an ITALIAN WINE NINJA! There’s a whole lotta Italian wine out there (the most in the world!) so it may just come in handy.

Get involved with this exciting and delicious tasting, a perfect night in alone or as a larger household.

Serves 2
  • 3 x 750ml bottles of damn fine Italian wines
  • 3 x 100g boutique and small production cheeses
  • Crackers
  • Quince jelly
  • Zoom tasting - the link will be emailed
  • Delivery to your door (Uk mainland only)

One ticket serves 2 people comfortably.

Or don’t share it at all. I wouldn’t.


Following the arrival of your wines and cheeses, The Drink Talking will host an interactive, upbeat and educational tasting with Sophia via Zoom. Let her entertain you with education about the wine regions, grapes and cheese pairings all served with a side of humour and a belly laugh. The Zoom tastings include a presentation, polls and break out rooms which will allow you to be interactive with Sophia and other guests, or, if you prefer, simply sit back and enjoy the presentation. 


Wine tasting online events UK

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BOOKING DATE DEADLINE: SUNDAY 20TH SEPT  (this is to give us time to organise your delivery)

Postage is included in your ticket price 

UK mainland only