Wine tasting online events UK
Wine and cheese tasting online events UK
Wine tasting online events UK
Wine tasting online events UK
Wine tasting online events UK

Online wine and cheese tasting: New World Adventure - 04/09/20 (serves 2)



serves 2

WITH Sophia Luckett

WHEN 8pm Friday 4th September 2020

WHAT 3 wines & 3 cheeses sent to your door

WHERE Online! Tasting via Zoom (download the free APP here)

What a line up I have for you! New world is considered any grape growing region outside of Europe; these generally are the hotter grape growing climates e.g. Argentina, Chile, South Africa. Where old world, Europe, offers us the classics; new world wine is all about wowing us with full on flavour.

one new world wine and cheese tasting with The Drink Talking

Hot climates ripen your grapes to the max to make jammy fruit, a voluptuous and smooth body and plenty of whopping character. These regions tend to be less strict in rules and regulations than the old world, so they can create new styles that woo the hell out of wine lovers.

This tasting will entail wines from heroic new world producers: Argentina, New Zealand and Australia. But be prepared to taste wines a little different from what you expect!

The Cheeseboard and I have buddied up to create cheese pairings for these wines that will seduce your palette (something soft, something blue, and something hard and mighty!) 

Get involved with this exciting and delicious tasting, a perfect night in alone or as a larger household.

Serves 2
  • 3 x 750ml bottles of damn fine wines
  • 3 x 100g boutique and small production cheeses
  • Crackers
  • Quince jelly
  • Zoom tasting - the link will be emailed
  • Delivery to your door (Uk mainland only)

One ticket serves 2 people comfortably.

Or don’t share it at all. I wouldn’t.

TICKETS LIMITED! The wines I have chosen for this tasting are small production parcels, so we are limited to 35 tickets. Don’t miss out!



Following the arrival of your wines and cheeses, The Drink Talking will host an interactive, upbeat and educational tasting with Sophia via Zoom. Let her entertain you with education about the wine regions, grapes and cheese pairings all served with a side of humour and a belly laugh. The Zoom tastings include a presentation, polls and break out rooms which will allow you to be interactive with Sophia and other guests, or, if your prefer, simply sit back and enjoy the presentation. 

Wine tasting online events UK

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Postage is included in your ticket price 

UK mainland only